ORA-29270: too many open HTTP requests

ORA-29270: too many open HTTP requests

Too many HTTP requests were opened.

End some HTTP requests and retry the HTTP request.

Explanation and Troubleshooting Tips:
There is a limit to the number of HTTP requests that can be opened simultaneously.
This error may occur as a result of code failing to correctly close the connection, for example when an exception causes it to break out of the normal execution path.
Examine the path of code which calls utl_http.begin_request, and consider the exception handling.
If an exception could occur that would prevent the call to utl_http.end_request or utl_http.end_response from being reached, then consider modifying your code to ensure that it does not leave open requests.

The following example outlines the main stages of constructing an HTTP request, as well as some of the potential exceptions that should be considered:

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